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Turnkey solution Dubai

Turnkey projects may also be extended, a process known as turnkey plus, in which the supplier retains a modest equity stake and later continues operating via management contract or licencing. The term “turnkey” is frequently used to describe a residence that is complete and ready for occupancy. When a contractor constructs a “turnkey home,” the building is framed and the inside is completed. Cabinets, carpet, and services for ERP, CRM, and custom software application environments are all installed. Exclusively partnered with HP, we offer a vast array of automated and outsourced Quality Management solutions designed to satisfy the varying requirements of clients and sectors globally. Complete Solutions

HIGHLIGHTS Key Elements of Our Turnkey Solution Model Best suited for non-IT organisations Allows you to establish the project’s price and timeline in advance Project Administration is hosted locally. Access to Programmers is Restricted to the Customer The entire job is billed at a pre-agreed-upon, set rate.

Basic actions Outline project requirements Ensure mutual comprehension of Customer’s requirements Discuss fixed price Create project plan Execute project plan Implement proposed remedy Offer assistance during the pre-release and post-release phases The cycle continues

This is the most traditional paradigm for non-IT organisations seeking a custom software solution to meet their business requirements. The turnkey concept is appropriate for projects with well-defined specifications. The Info Dubai analyses the project’s scope and complexity, and gives a project delivery timeline and set pricing for the entire product development when your requirements are stated in sufficient detail.

The key benefit of our Turn Key methodology is the ability to define the project’s budget and timeline in advance. However, compared to the Staff Augmentation model, Turn Key contracts are less adaptable when it comes to managing modifications and requests for extra functionality. During the implementation of the project, any modifications to the requirements or requests for new features will result in a renegotiation of the delivery schedule and cost. In this model, the Customer has limited access to the programmers assigned to the project, while the majority of communication occurs through an Account manager or, more generally, the person in control of the project. In this model, The Info Dubai and the customer jointly specify and define project needs. Both sides analyse the requirements to achieve a shared understanding of the client’s needs.

JA Renovation offers a Fixed Price for the project’s development. Upon acceptance of the proposal, our team produces a project plan outlining all required resources, dates, and major project milestones. JA Renovation oversees, implements, and controls the solution’s development, while our customer is in constant communication with the Project Leader and, along with the Account Manager, conducts evaluations to ensure the project’s transparency. The project is completed on schedule and within budget while providing the essential customer assistance.

After release, JA Renovation continues to collaborate with the customer. As required, enhancements, bug fixes, and post-release maintenance services are also given.


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